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New Collaborative Research Project to Study Particulate Organic Nitrogen

Photo credit: http://images.scienceworldreport.com/data/images/full/13050/wildfire.jpg?w=680

Collaborative Research: Nitrogren Partitioning and Evolution of Particulate Organic Nitrogen in Peat Fire Emissions. NSF Atmospheric Chemistry Program, 2015-2017 Overview: This project aims to provide an insight into the partitioning and evolution of nitrogen (N) containing compounds emitted from combustion of peat soils (also referred to as organic soils). The two main objectives are: 1) to evaluate the partitioning of

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Identifying Complex AOM using Ultrahigh Resolution FT-ICR MS/MS

Fog picture

Identification of Atmospheric Organic Matter by Multi-Step Mass Spectrometric Analysis Michigan Tech Research for Excellence Research Seed 2009-2010   Atmospheric organic matter (OM) associated with aerosol particles significantly influences the chemical and physical properties of aerosol particles.  This suggests that atmospheric OM directly modulates the role that aerosol particles play in the atmosphere affecting the Earth’s climate.  Although uncertain, it

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