Principal Investigator

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Lynn R. Mazzoleni
Associate Professor of Chemistry

Department of Chemistry
Michigan Technological University
1400 Townsend Drive
Houghton, MI 49931
(906) 487-1853

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Dr. Mazzoleni’s primary research interests are to identify organic aerosol constituents from a variety of atmospheric environments. Her research group uses advanced mass spectrometry (MS) techniques to identify organic molecules from atmospheric complex mixtures. Her group has participated in a number of ambient and laboratory studies and is complying a large database of molecular observations to unravel the complex nature of ambient aerosol. Currently, Dr. Mazzoleni is the lead investigator of collaborative research carried out at the Pico Mountain Observatory in the Azores (PT) to understand the chemical, physical, and radiative properties of North Atlantic free tropospheric aerosol sponsored by the National Science Foundation. Dr. Mazzoleni is also co-investigator with Dr. Raymond Shaw for the development of a turbulent cloud chamber also sponsored by the National Science Foundation. The cloud chamber will facilitate novel studies of aqueous aerosol and cloud processing of ambient water soluble gases.

 Current Group Members


Matthew A. Brege
PhD Student, Chemistry
Fall 2013 – Present

Matthew Brege was awarded the 2015 NASA Earth and Space Science Fellowship for his proposal involving the aqueous phase processing of biomass burning emissions.  He is working with the newly established Michigan Tech Turbulent Cloud Chamber.

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Simeon K. Schum
PhD Student, Chemistry
Fall 2013 – Present

Simeon is working on the composition of long-range transported aerosol using ultrahigh resolution mass spectrometry and ion chromatography as part of the NSF sponsored project, titled: Collaborative Research: Chemical, Physical, and Radiative Properties of North Atlantic Free Tropospheric Aerosol after Long-range Transport.  

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Marian T. Ampadu
PhD Student, Chemistry
Fall 2013 – Present (Co-advise with S. Green)

Marian is working on the composition of long-range transported aerosol using ion chromatography and spectroscopic methods as part of the NSF sponsored project, titled: Collaborative Research: Chemical, Physical, and Radiative Properties of North Atlantic Free Tropospheric Aerosol after Long-range Transport.  

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Post-doctoral Alumni

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Dr. Katja Dzepina

Post-doctoral Research Associate
Feb. 2012 – Summer 2014

Dzepina, K., C. Mazzoleni, P. Fialho, S. China, B. Zhang, R.C. Owen, D. Helmig, J. Hueber, S. Kumar, J.A. Perlinger, L. Kramer, M.P. Dziobak, M.T. Ampadu, S. Olsen, D.J. Wuebbles, and L.R. Mazzoleni, Molecular Characterization of Free Tropospheric Aerosol Collected at the Pico Mountain Observatory: A Case Study with a Long Range Transported Biomass Burning Plume, Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics, 15, 5047-5068, 2015.



Dr. Shuvashish Kundu
Pruett Postdoctoral Fellow
July 2010 – Jan. 2012

Kundu, S., R. Fisseha, A.L. Putman, T.A. Rahn, and L.R. Mazzoleni, High Molecular Weight SOA Formation during Limonene Ozonolysis: Insights from Ultrahigh-Resolution FT-ICR Mass Spectrometry Characterization, Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics, 12, 5523–5536, 2012.



Graduate Student Alumni


Dr. Yunzhu Zhao
2014 PhD in Environmental Engineering
Fall 2009 – Fall 2014

Zhao, Y., A.G. Hallar, and L.R. Mazzoleni, Atmospheric Organic Matter in Clouds: Exact Masses and Molecular Formula Identification using Ultrahigh Resolution FT-ICR Mass Spectrometry, Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics, 13, 12343-12362, 2013.





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DM Ashraf Ul Habib
2014 MS in Chemistry
Summer 2011 – Fall 2014

Habib, D.M. Ashraf Ul, Evolution of Selected Isoprene Oxidation Products in Dark Aqueous Ammonium Sulfate, Master’s Thesis, Michigan Technological University, 2014.




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Parichehr Saranjampour
2012 MS in Chemistry
Fall 2009 -Fall 2012

Saranjampour, P., Characterization of Water-Soluble Organic Compounds in Ambient Aerosol using Ultrahigh-Resolution Electrospray Ionization Fourier Transform Ion Cyclotron Resonance Mass Spectrometry, Master’s Thesis, Michigan Technological University, 2012.



LeClair Graduation

Jeffrey P. LeClair
2011 MS in Chemistry
Spring 2009 -Summer 2011

LeClair, J.P., J.L. Collett and L.R. Mazzoleni, Fragmentation Analysis of Water-Soluble Atmospheric Organic Matter using Ultrahigh-Resolution Mass Spectrometry, Environmental Science and Technology, 46(8), 4312–4322, 2012.


Selected Undergraduate Research Alumni


Trevor E. Curtis
BS Student, Chemistry
Fall 2012 – Spring 2014

Curtis, T., J.H. Offenberg, and L.R. Mazzoleni, Naphthalene SOA Analysis using Ultrahigh-Resolution FT-ICR MS, Michigan Technological University Honors Institute First Annual Undergraduate Research Expo, Spring 2013. (Poster)






Megan Dalbec
BS Student, Environmental Engineering
Summer 2011 – Spring 2014

Dalbec, M.M., Y. Zhao, R. Fisseha, A.L. Putman, S. Kundu, T.A. Rahn and L.R. Mazzoleni, Molecular Formula Characterization of Biogenic Secondary Organic Aerosol: Descriptive Statistical Evaluation, American Geophysical Union Fall Meeting, San Francisco, CA, December 2013. (Poster)




Annie L. Putman
BS Student, Chemistry
Spring and Summer 2010

Putman, A.L., J.H. Offenberg, R. Fisseha, S. Kundu, T.A. Rahn, and L.R. Mazzoleni, Ultrahigh-Resolution FT-ICR Mass Spectrometry Characterization of a-Pinene Ozonolysis SOA, Atmospheric Environment, 46, 164-172, 2012.




Sandra S. Orlowski
Double BS Chemistry and Biochemistry & Molecular Biology
Spring 2009 -Spring 2010

Orlowski, S.S., P. Saranjampour, and L.R. Mazzoleni, Separations of Atmospheric Water-Soluble Organic Compounds by Advanced Liquid Chromatographic Methods, Central Regional Meeting of the American Chemical Society, Dayton, OH, 2010. (Poster)

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Complete List of Undergraduate Research Students

*Supported with Funded Research; **Fellowship Recipient

  • Sandra Orlowski, Chemistry B.S. — Spring 2009 – Summer 2009, & Spring 2010
  • Nickolaus Manyard**, Chemistry B.S. — Summer 2009 & Summer 2010
  • Allyce Gilligan, Chemistry B.S. — Fall 2010
  • Annie Putman*, Chemistry B.S. — Spring 2010 – Summer 2010
  • Koressa Reiter*, Chemistry B.S. — Spring 2012
  • Philip Olivares*, Chemistry B.S. — Spring 2012
  • Victoria Farhat*, Environmental Engineering B.S. — Spring 2012
  • Senait Gebreeyesus*, Environmental Engineering B.S. — Spring 2012 – Spring 2013; Fall 2013 – Spring 2014
  • Megan Dalbec*, **, Environmental Engineering B.S. — Summer 2011 – Spring 2013; Fall 2013 – Spring 2014
  • Trevor Curtis**, Chemistry B.S. — Fall 2012 – Spring 2014
  • Tyler Sawall*, Chemistry B.S. — Spring 2015 – Spring 2016
  • Alexandra Maday, Chemistry B.S. — Spring 2015 – Present