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Presentations at the European Aerosol Conference

In Milan this week, Dr. Mazzoleni presented two presentations at the European Aerosol Conference. The first was an oral presentation regarding ultrahigh resolution MS/MS for structural insights to atmospheric organic aerosol collected at the Storm Peak Laboratory (Read more).  The second was a contribution to an oral presentation regarding our observations of aerosol at the Pico Mountain Observatory in the Azores

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Video – Cloud Chamber Research at Michigan Tech


Turbulent Cloud Chamber Infrastructure The following video was produced by Michigan Tech University Marketing and Communications. It’s an introduction to the new cloud chamber developed with support from a National Science Foundation Major Research Instrumentation grant. Shaw, R., W. Cantrell, C. Mazzoleni and L.R. Mazzoleni, Development of a Turbulent Cloud Chamber, NSF Major Research Instrumentation, 2010-2013 (Extended to 2015).  Read

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