Travis’ co-authorship on paper!

Congratulations to Travis (Undergraduate – Chemical Engineering – Michigan Tech) for his co-authorship on the paper “A cyanine-based fluorescent cassette with aggregation-induced emission for sensitive detection of pH changes in live cells” published on Chemical Communications.

The works originates from a collaboration with Dr. Haying Liu (Chemistry – Michigan Tech).

For full details:!divAbstract


Computational Chemistry: Final Presentations

I am so very proud of my Computational Chemistry (CH4560-CH5560) students who presented their original research projects yesterday! They learned so much during the Semester and they did so well during their presentations! They were competent, professional, engaging, yet humble and even funny! It was a wonderful afternoon of science!


From left to right: Tyler Leverton (Chemistry MS – Environmental Chemistry project), Brian Burtka (Chemistry BS – Surface Science project), Travis Wigstrom (Chemical Engineering BS – Medicinal Chemistry project), Mikhail Trought (Chemistry PhD – Surface Functionalization project).



Gamme gets Finishing Fellowship!

The Graduate School awarded Gamme with the prestigious Ph.D. Finishing Fellowship. As per official communication from Dr. Debra Charlesworth (Assistant Dean for Graduate Studies and Postdoctoral Affairs), “The panel was impressed with Gemechis’ research, publication record, and contribution to the mission of Michigan Tech. The dean has recommended providing full support (stipend + 9-credits of research) for spring semester.” We deeply thank the Grad School for this award which will allow Gamme to concentrate on writing and editing his Ph.D. dissertation, finishing up a couple of publications, and get ready for his Ph.D. defence by the end of Spring 2018. Way to go, Gamme!

Dr. Valenzano’s Seminar

Dr. Valenzano delivered a seminar to the Chemistry Department describing the achievements of her research group of the last five years. Title: “Answering Fundamental Questions Critical to Designing Materials and How My Quantum Chemical Dream Became My Vision“.

The abstract can be found at:

Grace: Internship at Barrick Gold Corporation!

Grace has been offered a 10 week internship at Barrick Gold Corporation (, a gold mining company in Nevada, during the summer of 2018. Barrick graciously provides housing and transportation to and from the mine site for their undergraduate interns in addition to relevant work experience in the field of chemistry.

Congratulations, Grace!

We are proud of you!

Dr. Tommy Sewell’s Visit!

We are super excited to have the chance to spend some time talking Science with Dr. Tommy Sewell from the University of Missouri – Columbia.

Tommy’s expertise spans from electronic structure to molecular dynamics applied, in particular, to the simulation of organic molecular materials, polymers, and nano/mesoscale composites and their physical properties (mechanical/thermal), processes (kinetics and thermodynamics of phase transitions), and chemical reactivity (chemically reactive fluid flow).

For more information, visit Tommy’s Webpage: