Welcome to the Valenzano Research Group!


The understanding of intermolecular interactions, molecular driving forces, and molecular reactivity in different chemical environment addressed at electronic structure level is at the base of the efforts of the Valenzano research group.

By addressing the roles played by thermodynamics and kinetics we are trying to understand the fundamental mechanisms that determine the structural development of materials at molecular level. The natural extension of this aspect is the assessing of the influence that materials’ morphologies have on the physical-chemical properties of the finite materials.

Such investigations are extended to the understanding of the behavior of materials at the interface.

Our efforts are envisioned to provide the missing explanations about how molecules interact and how crystallization mechanisms evolve from their nucleation to their growth stage.

How is nucleation initiated?

When does nucleation end?

When does crystal growth start?

What are the odds that determine the fate of crystalline morphologies?

Can we tailor crystalline morphologies by ad hoc modifying the growth mechanism of the crystal?

If so, at what stage do we need to intervene?


We have lots of questions, and we are working on finding the answers!