The Valenzano Research Group is looking for MS and PhD applicants. Projects are related to:

  1. Adsorption and diffusion mechanisms of molecules in porous materials and on metal-oxide surfaces;
  2. Nucleation and crystal growth mechanisms of organic solids;
  3. Investigation and characterization of physical-chemical properties of materials of various relevance.

Interested applicants should contact Dr. Valenzano at lvalenza at mtu . edu


The Group is also always looking for enthusiastic and curious undergraduate students from any major, interested in developing expertise in the quantum chemical and electronic structure characterization of materials and molecules. A variegated and appealing series of projects are available at any time. To get an idea of what has been achieved by undergraduate students in the last five years, go to

Interested students should contact Dr. Valenzano at lvalenza at mtu . edu or directly stop by Dr. Valenzano’s office (ChemSci 701-A) to discuss opportunities and options.