Group News

10/20/2018: Congratulations to Vaho Begoyan on receiving an “Outstanding Teaching Award” from the Graduate School.
Great work, Vaho!
10/01/2018: Check out our new review on sugar uptake and disease connection: “Targeting Sugar Uptake and Metabolism for Cancer Identification and Therapy: An Overview“.
08/10/2018: Congratulations to Tanasova and Christov labs on a new Chemical biology communication focusing on the function and substrate-protein interaction of GLUT5. “Integrating molecular probes and molecular dynamics to reveal binding modes of GLUT5 activatory and inhibitory ligands.”
08/2018 ACS meeting brings a new experience.
04/10/2018: Congrats to the groups (Tanasova and Rao) on being recognized by the TechNews. “GLUT5 Fluorescent Probe Fingerprints Cancer Cells“.
04/10/2018: Check out a new approach to distinguish cells based on their sugar uptake and metabolism in a new publication by Kannan and Begoyan: “Metabolism-Driven High-Throughput Cancer Identification with GLUT5-Specific Molecular Probes“.
03/25/2018: This past week some of our students had the pleasure of attending the ACS National meeting at New Orleans to present some of our current projects. The conference and city were both amazing!
03/19/2018: Congratulations to Vaho Begoyan on publishing the Chemical Communication paperMulticolor GLUT5-permeable fluorescent probes for fructose transport analysis“.
10/20/2017: Congratulations to Lukasz Weselinski and Vagarshak Begoyan on Publishing the ACS Omega atricle “Tuning Cross-Coupling Approaches to C3 Modification of 3-Deazapurines”
02/10/2017: Congratulations to Joseph R. Fedie on defending his Master Thesis ” Targeting Fructose Transporter GLUT5 in Cancer”
01/06/2017: Welcome new students!