Students and Scholars with high aspirations in a career related to chemical sciences are welcome to apply to join our research group at any time.

To do undergraduate research in our lab, please sent an email to shifang@mtu.edu to indicate interest and to describe your strong points such as (a) good GPA, (b) good scores in organic chemistry courses, (c) availability for doing research for more than one semester, (d) enthusiasm for research, (e) and your high career aspirations (you may omit any of these and add other strong points); we will then notify you if a lab space is available within one week. Alternatively, you can talk with any of our group members to indicate interests. Minority students and female students are particularly encouraged to apply. More information on undergraduate research can be found on this web page.

For graduate study to pursue a Ph.D. or M.S, you can contact me for more information by sending an email to shifang@mtu.edu, or apply for admission directly according to the instructions on this web page.

We occasionally have postdoc positions open in the area of organic synthesis. To apply for these positions, you can send your application materials to shifang@mtu.edu.