Welcome to Fang Research Group website at Michigan Technological University.

We are synthetic organic chemists. Our research interests include synthesis of molecules for a variety of applications and development of synthetic methodologies. Recently, we developed a new class of chiral ligands based on  two common ferrocenyl motifs. These ligands are expected to be useful in asymmetric catalysis to control the stereochemistry of organic transformations. To solve the problem of large-scale oligonucleotide based drug purification and high throughput purification of massive number of oligodeoxynucleotides, we developed two new non-chromatographic purification methods using the novel concept of catching by polymerization. The catching by polymerization concept has also been applied to synthetic peptide purification. To incorporate sensitive functionalities in synthetic oligonucleotides for applications such as antisense drug development and chemical biology, we developed a new technology for solid phase oligodeoxynucleotide synthesis that avoids the harsh conditions used for cleavage and deprotection in known methods.

Currently, besides continuing the above projects, we are also interested in developing new methods for creating combinatorial libraries of macrocyclic biarylether peptides, synthesizing DNA analogs that are useful for antisense drug applications, discovering new organic reactions, and mechanochemistry. The most important skill students and postdocs can learn or improve in our lab is organic synthesis. Other core skills that can be learned include solid phase synthesis, automated DNA and peptide synthesis, reverse phase and ion-exchange HPLC, polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis, NMR, ESI-MS and GC-MS.