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Chem. Biomed. Imaging 2023
“Turn-on Rhodamine Glycoconjugates Enable Real-Time GLUT Activity Monitoring in Live Cells and In Vivo”

Monica Mame Soma Nyansa, Adelina Oronova, Nazar Gora, Micaela Rayne Geborkoff, Nathan Randal Ostlund, Delaney Raine Fritz, Thomas Werner, and Marina Tanasova

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ACS Chem. Biol. 2023
“Discrimination of GLUTs by Fructose Isomers Enables Simultaneous Screening of GLUT5 and GLUT2 Activity in Live Cells”Nazar Gora, Lukasz J. Weselinski,  Vagarshak V. Begoyan, Andrew Cooper, Jun-yong Choe, and Marina Tanasova
Abstract Image
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