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“Molecular Tools for Facilitative Carbohydrate Transporters”

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“Near-Infrared Fluorescent Probe for Sensitive Detection of Pb(II) Ions in Living Cells”

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Modulation of Cytotoxicity by Transcription-Coupled Nucleotide
Excision Repair Is Independent of the Requirement for Bioactivation
of Acylfulvene.”

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“The practical stereocontrolled synthesis of vicinal halohydrins and haloamines from vinyl epoxides and vinyl aziridines.”

Łukasz J. Weseliński, Michael J. Grillo, Marina Tanasova


Cover art ABIO-14-692R1 Anal. Biochem. 2015, 478, 1-7

“Quantification of Pyrophosphate as a Universal Approach to Determine Polymerase Activity and Assay Polymerase Inhibitors”

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“Altered Minor-Groove Hydrogen Bonds in DNA Block Transcription Elongation by T7 RNA Polymerase”

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“Fluorescent THF-Based Fructose Analogue Exhibits Fructose-Dependent Uptake”

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“Chemistry and Biology of Acylfulvenes: Sesquiterpene-Derived Antitumor Agents”

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