Photo on 7-9-14 at 7.18 PMNew Courses Developed:

CH5516/ATM5516 – Aerosol and Cloud Chemistry (3 Credits): This course is focused on the chemistry of atmospheric aerosols and cloud processes. Students learn about methods for chemical characterization, the chemical composition of aerosol and the chemical reactions pertinent to secondary aerosol and cloud composition.

CH5240 – Advanced Mass Spectrometry (3 Credits): Advanced instrumentation and methods are the focus of this course. Design of various mass analyzers and their advantages and limitations will be reviewed. Advanced identification methods such as tandem mass spectrometric analysis and exact mass analysis will be discussed.

CH5241 – Advanced Mass Spectrometry Laboratory (1 Credit): Students learn how to perform mass spectrometry (MS) experiments to identify and quantify molecules. The experiments include the following method approaches: electrospray ionization (ESI), matrix associated laser desorption ionization (MALDI) and tandem MS analysis (MS/MS).

Undergraduate Courses Recently Taught:

  • CH1140 – Introduction to Organic, Inorganic & Biochemistry (3 Credits)
  • CH1170 – University Chemistry II-GOB (Formerly CH1140; 3 Credits)
  • CH4222 – Bioanalytical Chemistry (5 Credits)
  • CH4290 – Advanced Mass Spectrometry Methods (3 Credits)
  • CH4800 – Chemistry of Aerosols/Hydrometeors (3 Credits)
  • UN4000 – Remote Sensing Seminar (1 Credit)

Graduate Courses Recently Taught:

  • CH5240 – Advanced Mass Spectrometry Methods (3 Credits)
  • CH5516/ATM5516 – Aerosol and Cloud Chemistry (3 Credits)
  • CH5900 – Graduate Chemistry Seminar (1 Credit)
  • CH6290 – Advanced Mass Spectrometry Methods (3 Credits)
  • CH6800/ATM5200 – Chemistry of Aerosols/Hydrometeors (3 Credits)
  • CH6800 – Liquid Chromatography/Mass Spectrometry (1 Credit)