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Author name: Ashutosh Tiwari

Protein Shapes Matter in Alzheimer’s Research

Ashutosh Tiwari, associate professor of chemistry at Michigan Tech, explains that misfolded amyloid beta proteins tend to pile up and form aggregates, which can form stringy fibrils or balled-up amorphous shapes. To understand what causes the different shapes and to assess their toxicity, Tiwari’s team looked at acetylation. To learn more see article on Michigan Tech News

In Print

Graduate students Rashmi Adhikari (Chemistry), Mu Yang (Chemistry), post-doctoral fellow Nabanita Saikia (Physics), graduate students Colina Dutta (Chemistry), Wafa Alharbi (Biological Sciences), associate professor Zhiying Shan (KIP), professor Ravi Pandey (Physics), and associate professor Ashutosh Tiwari (Chemistry) published a paper in ACS Chemical Neuroscience titled “Acetylation of Aβ42 at lysine 16 disrupts amyloid formation” on March 24, 2020.

2019 Spring Awards Ceremony

Sam Willard (Undergraduate Researcher) was awarded the Undergraduate Award in Biochemistry and the Outstanding Senior Research Award. Sarah Montgomery (Undergraduate Researcher) was awarded the Departmental Scholar Award.

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